On our way to launch Flextale: next level e-detailing.


Ever since we’re in this industry we have been thinking how e-detailing could be further improved. For two years we have been working on our own eDetailing platform, called Flextale.

Even though the traditional way of e-detailing is very straight forward, it also appeared for many of our clients a very complex process to maintain and/or update.

As a rep, the number one priority you have is to be flexible in your storyline and being able to respond adequately to what HCP’s might interest or feel for. That’s why we’ve been working on our own eDetailing platform that takes eDetailing to a completely new level.

Instead of a one-way show, we make it an interactive experience where the HCP can fully participate in. Your target audience will be more engaged and conversations will lead to something. Next to that, we take the opportunity to combine market research and product placement at the same time. It results in maintainance ease and flexible storytelling and we call it Flextale. Product managers can easily adjust the slide-deck that they offer for their reps. Reps on their hand have full freedom which slides they show as well as the order of presenting.

Currently, there are five brands pilot testing with Flextale in various countries and we expect a full product launch in the second half of 2020.

Want to learn more about Flextale?

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