Meet Pim

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Increase attention for five rare diseases on a variations of specialist HCP’s on congresses throughout Europe.

An open brief: how do we get the attention from HCP’s towards one specific rare disease? Rare in this case, meaning one in 40.000 people that suffer from this disorder.


Live animation. Direct interaction with your target audience.

We started by creating a fictive patient that we ‘bombed’ to be the role model of the disease. We named him PIM and featured him in every type of communication we do for the disease. First as a 2D drawing, a cartoon booklet, an ad, and even an illustrated film. But then we really took it to the next level by making PIM as ‘real’ possible (in 3D). It resulted in a stand concept where we meet HCP’s and let them have a live conversation with PIM. We ask them to set a diagnosis. As Pim is instantly animated and able to respond directly to very technical questions. Just imagine the surprise on an HCP’s face when we could tell what color jacket he was wearing. ;)


Deep in-depth conversations with HCP’s on the disease

Actually the client even stated ‘I’ve never spoken to more HCP’s – in-depth – on one single congress’. Perfect. Pim has become the iconic figure for the disease. The stand concept currently being rolled out on congresses throughout Europe and don’t be surprised when Pim visits other continents any time soon.

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