Child arthritis app. Pen and paper replaced by excitement.

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Build a digital expierence for kids with Arthritis

Most medical centers currently use paper questionnaires for parents and their children to fill out at the hospital or at home, in order to collect important data for their HCP’s. Parents are used to filling out forms, but for children this can be a confusing, boring task. That kind of mindset might influence the answers given. We were asked to look into the entire process, to try and make this more of a meaningful and nicer experience for kids waiting at the hospital.


An interactive iPad app that contains a whole new digital world

An interactive iPad app that contains a whole new digital world, designed specifically for kids. The app playfully guides them through the process of answering questions on how they feel, which may have been a little dull or even daunting otherwise. By using sliders and visually explaining the concept of pain thresholds, children no longer have any trouble explaining the extent of their rheumatic symptoms.


A reduced work load for HCP’s

An interactive app with lots of intuitive options that make it easy and fun to fill out a questionnaire. All data is safely stored in the hospital’s computer system, supervised by their IT department. The HCP can even review the results before the child and his parents come by for their consultation appointment.

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