Celebrating 15 Years of commitment to patients

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Campaign / Concept / Design / Photography / Production

Past, Present and Future. An overview of 15 years of Fabrazyme.

For the celebrations of 15 years of Fabrazyme we were asked to highlight the history of this medication and show what a huge difference it made for patients around the world.


Highlighting the last 15 years ‘history’, the now (‘present’) and the next 15 years ‘future’.

We came up with the concept of highlighting the last 15 years (‘history’), the now (‘present’) and the next 15 years (‘future’). Based on these three pillars, we created booklets that were spread around Europe. HCP’s could collect these booklet and make the bundle collection complete. Next to this concept we also did a campaign showing the differentiation of patients (8-80 years old) in one visual and a stand concept where HCP’s were portraited in campaign style with the founders of the medication: Leo Arnold Fabry and Colar P. Wowza.


The campaign showed the large variation of patients

Celebrating the last 15 years (researchers), while analyzing the present situation (patient interviews) and collecting ideas (HCP’s) for the future. Giving a complete overview of the medication from all involved groups. The campaign showed the large variation of patients, eventhough it’s still a rare disease.

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