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Provide patients with dedicated information

The department of Rheumatology and Immunology of the AMC contains an enormous amount of knowledge that it would like to transfer onto its patients. The AMC asked us to explore their options for them.


Super easy accessable information.

Depending on what stage of their ailment or disease a patient is currently in, their healthcare professional gives them a code to take home. The patient can enter this code on the website of the AMC, which then shows the information relevant to the patient at that point in time. We also advised encouraging the patients to browse through the rest of the database. This broadens their knowledge and to provide helpful insight in their entire treatment process.


Trusted information, easily accessable and stimulating to read more continuesly.

User convenience is always our priority. An unrestricted, responsive website where the patient can find very comprehensible information, in a custom made format. Colour coding helped categorize all content.

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